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Faye Cyr has lived in the towns and bush regions of B.C.all of her life. At an early age, she recognized she had an unusual appetite for adventure, and was happiest when she was surrounded by trees. Inspiration for her stories comes from her own experiences, as well as those she has met on her journeys. She loves to sail, hike and study the outdoors, particularly the weather. Her favourite memoirs always include an encounter with the wind.

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Don’t Look Back
The Kluskus Trail
The four-legged predators are nothing compared to the two-legged ones. Based on a true story.  Teen/Adult


Don’t Look Back
The Bridge

The night of her stroke, Tilda Chantyman saw the future of her teenaged grandsons; they were influencing world leaders.


Where The
Bears Play
You will laugh and cry. "This story will be around for years to come," Gordon Soules, Vancouver publisher. Adult